Decorating is my passion and way of life.  I love to help others with their space and help them transform their homes.   Nothing feels better than turning a house into an inviting and lovely home.

Hi, I'm Sunny and I've been styling rooms since I was a young girl with my mom.......

Sunny S. Hancock, C.I.D.

Hi, I am Sunny S. Hancock, C.I.D., owner of Sunny and Chair Interiors. I have been in love with decorating and interiors for as long as I can remember. I spent my youth helping my mother rearrange and redecorate our small but quaint apartment. She was a single mom on a tight budget but she always managed to make wherever we lived a home. We would spend weekends going to furniture stores, antique shops and garage sales to find the next item to take home or just to dream about. Our home was ever

changing and always charming. I have continued that tradition that my mother instilled in me and cannot get enough of furnishings, textiles, flooring, and paint. Now, I notice my daughters picking up on mother’s passion too as they start making their first homes theirs.

Although I loved decorating as a hobby, the a majority of my career was spent as the owner and operator of a dental x-ray lab. I enjoyed my previous career for 21 years but always longed to be in the decorating field. After long hours, long commutes, and very challenging work I eventually sold the business and retired from my life of being an x-ray tech to pursue my dream. I learned tremendously about business , working with others and serving customer's needs. My dream brought me to visuals and sales at Pottery Barn for a short while which I loved but I knew I needed to expand. This all brought me to where I am today. Working with others by fulfilling their dreams while living mine. Thanks for giving me this opportunity. I look forward to talking and working with you soon.

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